Served Over
Teenage girls in 4 Counties (Margibi Montserrado Gbapolu and Bong)

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Who Are We?

LEEMAH, in kpelle, one of the 16 Liberian Languages means “Precious”. We specifically work with teenage girls who circumstances of poverty, gender discrimination, and economic challenges have compared to choose sex work for earning their livelihood.

LEEMAH offers opportunities to teenage girls victimized of sex work due to poverty in Liberia.

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Our Mission

Education through awareness, advocacies, outreaches and training workshops. Our platform for creating impact first is via our drama and music program whereby we attract listeners in the community to listen to our messages and lives are improved, transformed and rebuild into responsible future female Leaders.

Our Vision

Reduction in child prostitution, promotion of girls education in conventional and non-conventional settings, reduction in Gender Based Violence Cases, Promotion of Health Clubs education among teens and interventions in trafficking, and rape cases when we come in contact with such cases.

Our Value Proposition

What makes me different is our approach. We are concern about the person’s entire wellbeing, a time of healing, the realization of self-worth, esteem, and self-value. If the individual comes to know all these truths, then they are ready to begin a new life by improving their way of life.

What we do

We specially work with our beneficiaries on attitude change towards themselves and promote them rethinking and rebuilding their broken future.

Our Volunteers

Meet our Volunteers and get to know them.

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