Support our COVID- 19 response, we are currently working with 150 girls less privileged teenage girls who through circumstances of poverty, gender discrimination, and economic challenges, the cost for supporting each girl with a hand wash bucket and soap is 15.00 USD. While the feeding fees for a girl for one month is 35 dollars to include 25 kg 15. USD, cooking oil and char coal 10.00 USD and 10.00 USD for soup kind.

In addition to our covid response, some of our beneficiaries who are in conventional schools, are sitting the WASSE Exam and will need sanitary pads immediately. We will need your urgent support in the next two weeks to supply 8 schools and 500 beneficiaries. The price for a pad is $1.50cents USD. For the purpose of sustainability in the next two months, we will like to conduct trainings in smaller clusters on how to make pads.

Wash station installation in homes of beneficiaries- Cost for one wash station- LRD 3000, or $15.00USD)

Food care package for a family of 4 (cover meals for at least one month)- LRD$-4000 or 20.00USD)

Kindly transfer your donations to:

Bank account details will be provided in a week

If you would prefer to provide contribution via check or wire payment, please contact: Miatta B. Tarpeh on Tel.: +231 777 545 403/0886545403

If you would prefer to donate via Mobile Money or Orange please send it to the below number:

Mobile Money: +231 886 545 403

Orange Money: +231 777 545 403

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