Step 01

Empowerment in Skills/ Economic equality

1. Leemah offers support to girls and young adolescent women who are active as sex workers so they leave this industry. We help them through a three months musical transformational transitional program that includes: a. awareness about the dangers of the industry (Mental, physical) b. skill training for alternative ways to make a living.
Step 02

Rehabilitation program

We require our beneficiaries participation into a three months musical transformational transitional program every year to re-examine their lives and make a decision that will positively put them in the position to rethink their future.

Step 03

Advocacies for the girls right

We Advocate for school dropout adolescent girls between the ages 11-17 and 18-25 who have face challenges of sexual violence, abuse, poverty that exposes them to involve in commercial sex through a professional drama and music transformational program. We empathize, empower and build up human values where they have been buried or hidden.
Step 04

Freedom from Violence

Girls are vulnerable thus need some awareness programs on their rights. So in that light, we provide the opportunity to have a different perspective on life as they might supposedly spend the rest of their lives in their compulsory found careers.

Step 05

Health Education

We educate adolescent girls about SGBV and harmful traditional practices such as early marriage, coerced and/or transactional sex, early pregnancy, and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, youth affected by humanitarian crises, and trafficked youth.

Our Beneficiaries

Meet some of our Beneficiaries and get to know them

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Diamond Barclay

Age: 19

Message for peers: Don’t do early marriage; reach the full age for marriage. Don’t hide things from your parents or friends. Happy to be a part of LEEMAH girls.

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Sando T. Gbeniah

Age: 22

Message for Peer: Advice them to take education serious and stop getting involve into bad things. Encourage them to sell and to go to school Happy to be part of LEEMAH.

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Grace Galimah

Age: 18

Message for Peer: Advice my friends to leave the streets and join LEEMAH for a brighter future

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Mary W. Kollie

Age: 20

Message for Peer: Join LEEMAH to raise your voice and leave the street